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KCET announces split from PBS

WAIT! So how do I get to Sesame street now?
WAIT! So how do I get to Sesame street now?
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Los Angeles public TV station KCET announced today that it is severing ties with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) network and going independent. The writing has been on the wall for some time as the station struggled to attract underwriters, its audience splintered and PBS refused to budge on the $6.8 million annual fee it charged KCET to remain a PBS affiliate without exclusivity to top tier programs like “Nova” and “Frontline.” By all accounts, this move has the potential to shake up the local broadcasting landscape, but will that mean more local (and expensive) programming like the newsmagazine “SoCal Connected” in place of PBS standards like “Masterpiece Theater,” “Sesame Street,” NOVA and Frontline? Can KCET survive and will you still watch?

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