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They will build it, and Muslims should come to Temecula—controversial mosque gets approval

The outline of a mosque is seen in California.
The outline of a mosque is seen in California.
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After a hearing that lasted eight grueling hours, the Temecula City Council voted unanimously to allow a mosque to built within the city. Impassioned residents pleaded their cases from both sides of the issue - assertions that all Muslims are terrorists were met with arguments from interfaith relgious leaders stating that Islam is a peaceful and non-violent religion. In the end, the city council paid attention only to the proposed mosque's impact on the environment and traffic, as well as the project's compliance with the law. Many of those opposed to the mosque are still boiling mad, but at least for now, the project will go on and be built in two stages.


Pastor William Rench, Calvary Baptist Church

Shakeel Syed, Executive director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, a federation of mosques and Muslim organizations