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No more “junk food” stamps—should the state tell food stamp recipients what they can buy?

State Senator Michael Rubio wants to prohibit the use of food stamps at
State Senator Michael Rubio wants to prohibit the use of food stamps at "fast food" venues

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Today State Senator Michael Rubio will announce a plan to eliminate “junk food” from the California food-stamp program, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. The timing overlaps with Fresno County’s decision to allow physically disabled persons, who can not make a meal at home, to use their food-stamps at restaurants. Presently, food stamps can only be used to buy food at grocery stores, as well as some convenience stores and farmers markets. Neither McDonald’s nor Jack in the Box made the list of state-approved eateries, although both serve various salads. Because taxpayers assist food stamp recipients, Mr. Rubio will not let them eat cake either. Sugar-sweetened foods like donuts and cookies would be no-nos, as well as the most popular brand on planet Earth: Coca-Cola. “No more sodas,” the Sacramento Bee quoted Mr. Rubio as saying. “You need to buy milk.” Fresno County Supervisor Henry R. Perea has already announced he has no intention of being a part of the “food police” and suggested that the state could more easily reconstitute the “boxed meal” - consisting of cheese, powdered milk, beans, and peanut butter - than spend time and resources monitoring what people buy with their food stamps.


State Sen. Michael Rubio, D-CA's 16th District serving Bakersfield and Fresno

Henry Perea, Fresno County Supervisor

Dr. Toni Yancey, Professor in the Department of Health Services in the School of Public Health at UCLA