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What if we chose "Forks over Knives?"

Forks Over Knives, a movie by Brian Wendel.
Forks Over Knives, a movie by Brian Wendel.
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What if research showed that eating a plant-based diet could fend off heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis? What if research showed that this diet, in some cases, could actually reverse those diseases? Well, in the new documentary Forks over Knives two prominent researchers show exactly that. The evidence is profound--so compelling that former President William Jefferson Clinton has changed his diet based on their research. He's come full circle from the days of jogging into a Mickey D's for a quarter pounder and fries. The documentary makes the claim, based on hard science, that the western-diet full of animal protein, fat, sugar, and dairy is literally killing us. But, they say, we can change it. Their message is simple: we don't need pills--we can stop and in some cases reverse many of the diseases that harm us with beans, legumes, vegetables, and fruit. But if the science is clear and the change so simple, why isn't our government doing more to educate us? Can Americans separate themselves from a diet that is so fundamentally a part of our culture and one that we've exported around the world? Is popping pills and open heart surgery easier than giving up chicken and apple pie? Don't eat your next burger without listening to Patt's interview. It might save your life, or at least open your mind (but definitely not your heart).


Brian Wendel, creator and executive producer

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell University and Project Director of the China-Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project