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Paul Farmer, Partners in Health co-founder, on Haiti after the earthquake

Haiti: After the Earthquake, by Paul Farmer.
Haiti: After the Earthquake, by Paul Farmer.
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Within three days of the January 12, 2010 earthquake that claimed thousands of lives and laid waste to much of Haiti’s infrastructure, Harvard physician Paul Farmer traveled to Haiti and offered his aid to the injured. In the months afterward, he witnessed widespread human suffering and disease, as well as misdirected, ineffective relief efforts by the international community. Farmer’s new book, Haiti: After the Earthquake, recounts his experience of the event’s consequences and how they exacerbated larger societal problems in Haiti that he has identified over 30 years of living there. Join Patt for an illuminating discussion with Dr. Farmer, now the UN Special Deputy Envoy to Haiti, and weigh in with your humanitarian questions and comments.


Paul Farmer, doctor and professor, Harvard University and Harvard Medical School; co-founder of Partners in Health (PIH); UN Special Deputy Envoy for Haiti; author of Haiti: After the Earthquake