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Your word choice tells people what you’re really saying

 By: James W. Pennebaker
By: James W. Pennebaker
The Secret Life of Pronouns

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the words you use may be painting a different picture than you think.

Social psychologist James W. Pennebaker’s new book, The Secret Life of Pronouns, posits that many things can be gleaned by examining the pronoun use of writers and speakers. For example, Pennebaker’s research suggests that it is possible to predict a person’s age, gender and location by analyzing their conversations – and that self confident leaders rarely use the word “I,” while insecure and depressed people frequently do.


Are you aware of your language? Is it possible to read between the (words) lines?


James Pennebaker, author of The Secret Life of Pronouns: What Our Words Say About Us.