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National Punctuation Day

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This holiday, founded by Jeff Rubin, encourages world wide literacy and reminds Americans that “a semicolon is not a surgical procedure.”

It’s celebrated in schools and businesses throughout the world and inspires people to pay attention to their commas, semicolons and apostrophes. According to Rubin, teachers across the U.S. use the holiday to celebrate the importance of proper punctuation. Students are being sent out into their communities with smart phones to document lapses in punctuation on billboards and store signs. Rubin believes that people are often judged on their writing skills and in a difficult job market communication skills are more important than ever. Job advancement, he says, will be hindered “if you can’t string a few words together to make a literate sentence.” NPD brings this to the forefront in a lighthearted way.


What punctuation mistakes bug you the most?


Jeff Rubin, founder of National Punctuation Day and former newspaper reporter