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Now that the red light cameras are gone, should yellow traffic lights be longer?

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Now that the city of Los Angeles has ditched its red light cameras, City Council members are instead looking to manipulate traffic light times in an effort to improve safety and reduce ticketing.

Last week the city council proposed studying the effects of increasing yellow light times at 32 intersections where red light cameras used to automatically photograph and ticket drivers running the red.

The city of Loma Linda extended lights in 2009 and while there aren’t any stats yet on whether it improves safety, it did reduce tickets by 90%. Still, city and county engineers are wary—they say tinkering with traffic is more complicated than that and worry about moving cars through a shorter green light.


Would you be a safer driver if you had just one more second to sail through that yellow? Would it change the way you drive? And is it about fewer tickets or increased safety?


Jay Beeber, director of Safer Streets LA

Rhodes Rigsby, Mayor of Loma Linda, which lengthened their yellow light times in 2009 and saw tickets decrease by 90%

Rock Miller, national vice president for the Institute of Transportation Engineers and principal engineer with Stantec Consulting