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Trials and tribulations in your Thanksgiving kitchen? Have no fear, Chef Shelley Wiseman is here.

Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce, 2008.
Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce, 2008.
Sarah Blackstock/Flickr

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A great Thanksgiving spread comes with a fair amount of stress.

No, we’re not talking about hidden family issues. We’re talking about simple cooking frustrations. What goes with cranberries besides oranges? How can I spice up grandma’s bland stuffing recipe? And for the newbies, there are two especially daunting taskss: the roasting and the carving. Or trying to figure out how to do it all vegetarian. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to tweak the traditional Thanksgiving fare or a straightforward explanation of the basics, our annual ask-the-chef Thanksgiving segment will give you the answers you need. This time around we welcome Shelley Wiseman, a former editor at Gourmet magazine and the author of The Mexican Gourmet and Just Tacos. Get your questions ready!


Shelley Wiseman, author of "Just Tacos" and "The Mexican Gourmet"