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‘Tis the season for giving…layaway payoffs and other random acts of goodwill

Shoppers look for bargains at a Kmart store.
Shoppers look for bargains at a Kmart store.
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At a time when people have less, they seem to be giving more. We’ve seen reports of “layaway angels” popping up and paying off layaway accounts at Kmart and Walmart stores across the country; a woman in Winston-Salem dropped her emerald and diamond bracelet in a Salvation Army kettle and, for the fourth year in a row, a couple gave out $12,000 in $100 dollar bills to total strangers in Lincoln Park and Detroit. David Wilson, the owner of several car dealerships in Orange County, was so inspired by the “layaway angels” that he wrote a $15,919.61 check to pay off the layaway accounts of lucky customers at a Kmart store in Costa Mesa.


What’s inspiring the acts of goodwill and generous giving? Have you given money to a total stranger just for the sake of helping someone in need?


David Levinson, founder and executive director of Big Sunday, the largest charity event in L.A.; author, “Everyone Helps, Everyone Wins: How Absolutely Anyone Can Pitch In, Help Out, Give Back, and Make the World a Better Place”