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‘Born (and retired) to be wiiiiild’: Retirement villages for the Woodstock generation


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Attention baby boomers, retirement villages are embracing you with open arms, and they’re way hipper than any facility your parents lived in.

Senior living communities such as Laguna Woods Village in Orange County have been appealing to those of a generation who lived through the 1960s, attended Woodstock and possibly have a penchant for medical marijuana. Laguna Woods Village boasts a Baby Boomers Club, founded in 2008, and dozens of other youthful, counter culture-based clubs. The Concerned Citizens of Laguna Woods Village, according to the village’s website, is “an active, interactive group promoting a commitment to peace, social and economic justice, good government, and protection of the environment.” According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, the first members of the baby boom generation will have reached 65 last year. By 2050, the number of people 65 and older will comprise 20 percent of the total population at that time.


As a baby boomer, do these nontraditional retirement communities appeal to you, and why? Do they reflect the needs of a more socially progressive older generation?


Jon Pynoos, professor, USC Davis School of Gerontology

David Dearing, retired high school teacher; resident, Laguna Woods Village, a retirement community in Orange County