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What can we learn from gay men about being happy?

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Sometimes life can feel mundane, but there are those among us who somehow manage to maintain exuberance in their lives. Gay men, according to author Simon Doonan, are experts in fabulous living and he is determined to share this expertise with the world. In his book “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat,” Doonan discloses why gays know how to work, play, and dress better than anyone else. The author colorfully educates readers, gay and straight, about how they can learn and benefit from the exemplary stereotypical gay lifestyle in terms of work, culture, diet, trends, and self-image. Doonan emphasizes that everyone can profit from “the happy trail” blazed by gay men. After all, the word “gay” isn’t just a sexual term, it is also synonymous with the word “happy.”


How has gay culture impacted mainstream society? Has the gay lifestyle become more widely accepted? How have you been inspired by the gay men in your life?


Simon Doonan, creative director, Barneys; author of “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat”