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Ask your Congressman: Rep. John Campbell talks to his constituents

Rep. Campbell reads to preschoolers during
Rep. Campbell reads to preschoolers during "Read for the Record"
Congressman John Campbell

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Guest host David Lazarus continues Patt’s mini-series checking in with local Congress members. Today he welcomes Rep. John Campbell, the Republican Congressman representing California’s 48th district located in Orange County. Campbell has spoken out against President Obama’s recent 2012 budget proposal, calling it “a pretty ugly thing.” David gets Rep. Campbell’s take on the budget and its impact on the national debt. How can Congress trim government spending? Campbell, unlike many Republicans, has suggested cutting the military budget, but what should be done about the housing slump? Should Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac be eliminated? Campbell has also cosponsored legislation to freeze federal funding for California’s high speed rail project. Congress recently passed a bill banning Congress and executive branch officials from insider trading, but Rep. Campbell voted against the bill. Why? David covers everything from the economy to the recent contraception debate ignited by Obama’s birth control policy. Call in with your questions.


Congressman John Campbell, (R-California's 48th District); member, House Committee on Financial Services, House Committee on the Budget, Joint Economic Committee, House Policy Committee