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Chevy Volt drivers allowed to drive solo in carpool lane, prompting question: Why don’t more Angelenos carpool?

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Seen any solo drivers back in the carpool lane lately? Did you think they were breaking the law that put the brakes on hybrids with those yellow Clean Air stickers from driving solo in the carpool lane? You may have heard word that California is “reopening” its carpool lanes to solo Chevy Volt drivers. In fact, the lanes have been opened to cars that meet the standards set by the state Air Quality Management Board (AQMD) but none of those cars have been available to buy in California…until now. Under the new green sticker program, two electric cars, the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, are eligible for 40,000 Clean Air Stickers being issued by the DMV. Over the 6-year program for hybrids, the DMV issued 85,000 stickers and undoubtedly pushed up hybrid car sales.


Will it have the same effect on the more expensive electric car market? Do you think the Clean Air sticker program helped traffic? David gets the latest on the program and digs into the psychology of carpooling – why don’t more Angelenos do it?


Jan Mendoza, spokeswoman, Department of Motor Vehicles

David Rizzo aka Dr. Roadmap, AQMD Certified Employee Transportation Coordinator, author, "Survive the Drive!"