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Medical tourism: need a root canal? Head to Mexico

Idiolect Press, 2012.

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Imagine living in a country where 62 percent of bankruptcies are the result of high medical costs, even though 80 percent of the defaultors were originally insured. Where it makes more sense to fly to an entirely different country, thousands to tens of thousands of miles away, than to stay and be treated at home.

Well, welcome to the United States, where some people are turning to “medical tourism” companies to help them find less expensive ways of getting their health needs met. For Lasik? Try Costa Rica. Hip surgery? It’s gotta be Thailand or India, which is exactly where guest Phyllis Katz found herself towards the end of 2009.

Patt talks to Ms. Katz about her decision to travel 7000 miles for a double hip-replacement, the outcome, and the resulting book, “Hipwrecked.”


Have you ever made the decision to leave the country for health care? Do you think you could afford to cover a major surgery?


Phyllis Katz, writer, actor, improv teacher, acting coach, and author of “Hipwrecked”; founder, former director, and current board member of Los Angeles’ The Groundlings theatre

Leslie Wolf, law professor at Georgia State University School of Law who’s researched the legal and ethical challenges resulting from globalization of healthcare