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Life in the faster fast lane - debating raising speed limits

Photographer: Beth Wilson

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Cash-strapped law enforcement agencies have to do more with less, which means that there aren’t as many officers to tackle an array of law enforcement tasks - including patrolling for speeders.

The more lead-footed among us might see this as a good thing; maybe we’ll just be a little less late for work. Indeed, statistics show that traffic fatalities are down even though Americans are driving more - and this has prompted some groups to lobby for raising speed limits.

Not so fast, say traffic safety experts. Deaths resulting from speeding are on the rise, and speeding still accounts for about one-third of all traffic fatalities.


So how fast is fast enough – and why won’t that guy stop driving so slowly in the fast lane?


Russ Rader, senior vice president for communications for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

John Bowman, communications director for The National Motorists Association