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How are gas prices changing your life?

Gas prices in Castaic, CA, May 2011.
Gas prices in Castaic, CA, May 2011.
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Do you drive extra miles to find the lowest pump price? Have you hauled your kid’s bike or scooter out of the garage for your daily commute? Written a “Dear John” to that long-distance love?

Cab drivers, long-haul truckers, traveling salesman and commuters have all been hit hard by rising gas prices – the cost to fill the tank jumped by 30 cents a gallon in February, to a national average of $3.73. Here in California, it’s well north of $4, depending on where you pump.

A new Gallup poll shows that Americans are near the tipping point that would cause them to make significant changes to their driving habits, or cut back on spending in other areas.


Gas or groceries? Road trip or retirement plan? How are you handling the high cost of driving?


Dave Rizzo, known as Dr. Roadmap; author of "Survive the Drive!"

Eddie Stewart, taxi cab driver for L.A. Checker Cab Company; has been a lease driver for 9 years in Los Angeles

Lee Klass, an independent truck driver for more than 30 years based out of Portland, Oregon, who drives 2,500 miles a week

Steve Lott, vice president of communications at Airlines for America – a Washington D.C.-based trade group representing the largest U.S. airlines

Patrick DeHaan, Senior Petroleum Analyst, GasBuddy.com, a website that allows consumers to search for local gas prices.