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Ask the Chief: LAPD top cop Charlie Beck takes your questions

The Mayor's choice for LAPD Chief, Charlie Beck
The Mayor's choice for LAPD Chief, Charlie Beck
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The last month has been a busy one for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Chief Charlie Beck, especially when it comes to issues of the four-wheeled sort.

The Chief made headlines late last month when he came out in support of driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. A group of LAPD motorcycle officers are set to go through with a lawsuit filed last summer, alleging the officers were denied overtime and given bad performance reviews because they didn’t fulfill traffic ticket quotas.

Potentially more damaging are the recent statistics about the number of auto accidents involving police vehicle, 1250 over three years – that’s an average of one per day. The city has spent $24 million on lawsuits and settlements, and in several cases, police officers have been found responsible for civilian fatalities and have lied about their involvement.

On top of this already tricky powder keg comes the LAPD’s latest announcement: a plan to stop impounding the vehicles of certain unlicensed drivers, which critics argue will attract even more undocumented workers to the Southland. Car-related or not, now’s your opportunity to ask the Chief!


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