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New York Times journalist Devan Sipher writes about weddings real and imagined

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Truth can be stranger than fiction when it comes to weddings… and who better to pen a novel with a plot about nuptial drama than Devan Sipher, a journalist who covers non-fictional weddings for the New York Times?

Sipher’s new novel, “The Wedding Beat,” borders on matrimonial ‘gonzo’ journalism by using autobiographical experiences as fodder for his fictional characters. The protagonist in “The Wedding Beat” writes a weddings column for a major newspaper, and his assignments find him covering lavish ceremonies and parties from coast to coast while wrestling with his own singlehood - rendered stark by his obligatory attendance at countless weddings.

Always a journalist, never a groom, it seems - and Sipher applies the same wit, insight and deft humor to his fiction as he does to his real-world New York Times wedding articles.


How does an author find humor in the most stressful of days? Was your wedding day more comedy or tragedy?


Devan Sipher, writer, The New York Times, author, "The Wedding Beat"