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Teaching kids to eat healthy food with help from professional chefs

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Everyone knows that kids eat about three things – hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

OK, in reality not all children may be quite that finicky, but anyone who has ever tried to prepare a healthy home menu that kids will eat knows the difficulties of catering to a nascent palate… as well as feeding small people who may not sit still long enough to eat.

When author and lifelong foodie Fanae Aaron became a mother she decided to embrace the challenge of cultivating in her son a lifetime of eating healthy and interesting food by consulting twenty award-winning chefs who also happen to be parents. The result of those consultations is a new book, “What Chefs Feed Their Kids” and the title reveals some of the wisdom within.

In the book, Aaron and the chefs help parents with the many stages of a child’s development and how to engage them with food and involve them in its preparation.


What techniques do you use to get your kids to eat good food? How do you instill a lifetime of positive eating habits?


Fanae Aaron, lifelong foodie, first-time mother, author, "What Chefs Feed Their Kids"

Paul Virant, owner, chef, Vie in Western Springs, Illinois