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Surprise surprise – travelers rate LAX among the worst airports

Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
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Between hop scotching time zones, disagreeable travelers, lost luggage, all manner of delays, exhaustion and expensive food, jumping into the maw of the air travel beast can be a less than pleasant experience. But some modern airports seem more like malls… offering extensive dining and shopping options, more logical transportation to and from the facility, streamlined security checkpoints and amenities to improve the experience of weary travelers.

Travel + Leisure magazine recently polled its readers to determine which airport was the best utilizing a bevy of metrics. Minneapolis-St. Paul’s airport was the crown jewel, ranking highest in the poll. Unfortunately for Angelenos, our largest and busiest airport - Los Angeles International Airport - received the 2nd lowest ratings of all, above only New York’s La Guardia Airport.


How does LAX compare to other airports? What kinds of improvements could put LAX on top of the list?


Rich Beattie, executive editor, TravelandLeisure.com