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Travel writer Paul Theroux on the clash of ideals and reality in sub-Saharan Africa

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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If you’ve ever dreamt of dropping everything and moving to an exotic location to start a new life or to find a new purpose, you’ll probably be interested in the story put forth in award-winning author Paul Theroux’s new book “The Lower River.”

In his latest novel, Theroux, who is probably best known for writing “The Mosquito Coast,” tells the story of protagonist Ellis Hock, the manager of a Massachusetts men’s clothing store who years ago lived and worked in a remote Malawi village as a member of the Peace Corps. After his marriage falls apart, Hock decides to uproot himself and return to that same village. Upon his return, Hock is shocked to discover the lower river community that he fondly remembers in a desperate condition.

Listen in as Patt interviews Paul Theroux about his book and the clash between ideals and reality in sub-Saharan Africa.


Paul Theroux, travel writer, author of “The Mosquito Coast;” his new novel is “The Lower River”

The Lower River Excerpt