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Meet the meeting killers

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We all hate meetings, right? Make fun of them and make up excuses to dodge them? So why still have them?

Are they just an excuse for donuts?

According to a British study, office workers spend an average of four hours per week in meetings, and they think half of that time is wasted.

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled the personality types most likely to drag those on — the jokester, the dominator, the naysayer and the rambler — complete with advice on how to cut down time spent in meetings, like setting a “no devices” rule or scheduling “tech breaks.”


We’ve all been in meetings — what works, and what doesn’t?


Eli Broad, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of two Fortune 500 companies, KB Home and SunAmerica; Author of “The Art of Being Unreasonable: Lessons in Unconventional Thinking”

Sue Shellenbarger, columnist, Wall Street Journal and author of “Meet the Meeting Killers: In the Office, They Strangle Ideas, Poison Progress; How to Fight Back”