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Quitting Facebook: How some people are cutting the cord

A paper sheet shows the word
A paper sheet shows the word "Facebook" followed by a question mark in the Champs de Mars park on May 23, 2010 in Paris.

Facebook’s stock price continues to tumble in the aftermath of their much ballyhooed IPO two weeks ago, but the social media giant still worth billions, and still the biggest social media game in town. But there is a growing trend of people choosing to ‘de-friend’ the ubiquitous social networking website.

Millions check their Facebook account obsessively, but there are people out there who have opted to make their private lives, well, private. These people don’t wish to reconnect with high school boyfriends, post pictures of their cat or even share the fact that they ‘like’ the latest American Idol contestants’ pages. Perish the thought!


At what point would you be willing to give up Facebook? How has it become everyone’s favorite - and some people’s least favorite online destination so quickly?


Sean Bonner, contributor to BoingBoing.net, co-founder of Crashspace, entrepreneur

Omar Gallaga, tech-culture reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, and contributor to CNN.com, and NPR

P. Kim Bui, KPCC's Associate Editor for Social Media and Outreach