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Garry Marshall reflects on his ‘Happy Days in Hollywood’ with a new memoir

"My Happy Days in Hollywood: A Memoir" by Garry Marshall with Lori Marshall
Crown Archetype/Random House, Inc.

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Garry Marshall began his career in Hollywood writing scripts for the likes of Dick Van Dyke and Lucille Ball.

He has since gone on to produce and direct many hit television sitcoms and movies and has received numerous prestigious awards including the American Comedy Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award. In his memoir, “My Happy Days in Hollywood,” Marshall recounts childhood memories alongside sisters Penny and Ronny, reveals his triumphs and trials on- and off-set, and shares personal anecdotes about the stars he has worked with throughout his years as a writer, actor, director, and producer.

Excerpt - 'My Happy Days in Hollywood'


Have you ever wondered what it was like to work alongside everyone from “the Fonz” to Lindsay Lohan? What is your favorite Garry Marshall project?


Garry Marshall, author, actor, writer, director, and producer; recipient of the American Comedy Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award; his new memoir is called “My Happy Days in Hollywood”

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