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A new documentary about shelter animals shows how unwanted pets can help people

Steven Latham Productions

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Americans truly love their pets. There are over 78 million dogs and 86 million cats owned in the United States, not to mention birds, fish and other creatures that we welcome into our lives.

Our pets have their own beds, doctors, psychologists and insurance, but somehow as many as three to four million animals wind up being euthanized in America every year due to overcrowding at shelters. The new PBS documentary, “Shelter Me” tells the stories of a handful of homeless dogs that made their way through the animal shelter system and wound up doing what they do best, providing support for humans in their time of need. Both a set of veterans suffering from PTSD, inmates at a women’s prison and the dogs in “Shelter Me” all got second chances, offering promise for the millions of homeless pets who still need hope and inspiration for those working to save them.

“Shelter Me,” is currently airing nationally on PBS; it will air Tuesday, June 19th at 7pm on KOCE through PBS SoCal


Do you have a positive experience with a shelter animal? Can the U.S. follow the model of other countries that do not euthanize shelter animals?


Steven Latham, director, “Shelter Me,” which airs on PBS