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Using Craigslist for…everything

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Imagine you have no money, no friends, no car, and no house. Imagine you have nothing but a computer and a connection to Craiglist.

Could you survive for a month based only on want-ads for gigs, rides, and friends? Would you be trusting (or naïve) enough to try?

Joseph Garner did, and the experience took him all across the United States. Garner compiled his experiences into a new documentary called "Craigslist Joe."

“I noticed pretty early on that the people I was meeting and interacting in were way more interesting than me," said Garner on the Patt Morrison show. "In editing, I wanted to kind of remove myself as much as I could from the film and just let the viewer experience it like they were along for the ride.”


Do you think you could live Craigslist for 31 days?


Joe Garner, documentary filmmaker who made “Craigslist Joe,” in which he undertook the challenge of living exclusively through Craiglist for one month