For every street, there's a history. KPCC has found some of the stories you can find right under your tires.
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Paxton Avenue, Pettit Avenue, Platt Avenue, Plummer Street

This street story is brought to you by the letter "P."

Pay close attention, if you please
To San Fernando Valley streets that start with Ps.

Valley planner Charles Maclay lived a charmed life.
"Paxton Avenue was actually named after his wife."

Bill Robertson runs street services L.A.
He says the Valley was farmland back in the day.

"Pettit Avenue. It was named for William J. Pettit. He was a farmer along the Los Angeles River in Encino."
So dry there, he'd been better off gambling in Reno.

"Platt Avenue. George E. Platt was a Los Angeles dairyman and he ran the Platt Ranch."
Name a street after yourself? These ranchers wouldn't blanch.

"Plummer Street. John Plumber just happened to own a ranch along a street near Sepulveda Blvd. And that's how Plummer got its name."
Plummer Park's farmers market is its claim to fame.

But enough of these street stories with verse a bit too free.