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Take Two Evenings for July 16, 2013

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Fourteen people were arrested last night after a peaceful protest turned violent. Demonstrators in Leimert Park had been protesting the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. We'll speak to KPCC's Erika Aguilar. And then we'll find out why the Zimmerman has had such an affect in other parts of California - we'll speak to Darnell Hunt, professor of sociology at UCLA and author of, "Black Los Angeles." And then we'll speak to the 27-year-old writer/director of the new film "Fruitvale," Ryan Coogler. And while there are several LGBT groups at evangelical seminaries across the country, none of them are sanctioned … except one. We'll talk with Nick Palacios, the founder of group OneTable at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. And the Outfest film festival is an annual event where filmmakers show movies that, according to the event's organizers, promote equality and understanding. One of the most talked about films is "God Loves Uganda." We'll speak to the filmmaker, Roger Ross Williams.