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Take Two Evenings for September 11, 2013

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On tap today, we'll look at the crisis in Syria and what the recent developments may mean for the legacy of President Obama. And when it comes to how California politicians feel about Syria, it's not what you might expect. Liberals are more inclined to support the military option -- or remain undecided, while the majority of the state's conservatives oppose it. We'll get the opinion of a possible strike with one of the most powerful people in Washington, California Senator Barbara Boxer. And six months ago, Fronteras reporter Jill Replogle reported on an Iraqi refugee family and their struggle to get safely to theU.S. Their son, who was an interpreter for U.S. troops - was killed in combat. We'll find out how they're adjusting to life in the US. Plus, a conversation with Freda Kelly, who held one of the most enviable jobs in the 60's. She was the principal secretary for the Beatles. The new documentary "Good Ol' Freda" looks at how Kelly landed the gig and what life was liking working for the Fabulous Four.