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Take Two Evenings for September 16, 2013

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More Americans than ever are identifying as lower class. For more on why that is and what it means, we'll talk to Chris Thornberg. He’s an economist with the California-based firm, Beacon Economics. And the chairman of the Federal Reserve is one of the US economy's most influential people. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers was considered the front-runner for the post. Now he has taken himself out of the running. For more on why - and to find out who's up next - we'll talk to Michael Hirsch of National Journal. And in an emotional on-air interview, popular New York DJ Mister Cee resigned after he appeared to solicit sex from a transgender prostitute. The incident has opened a conversation about homophobia within the hip-hop and African American communities. And did you ever wonder how action heroes look so good in movies? If its a fighting scene then you should probably thank the film's fight coordinator. We'll hear from one in the next installment of our semi-regular series, Hollywood Jobs.