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Take Two Evenings for September 25, 2013

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Governor Brown asked the court for three extra years to resolve California’s prison overcrowding. He got one month. Host A Martinez speaks with Paige St. John of the LA Times about what the deadline means. And Mexico is still recovering from the twin storms that hit both of its coasts last week. Now the Gulf Cartel, which controls part of the hard hit northeastern coast, is offering flood relief - food, water and medical supplies - to communities hit by the storm. And in the past, areas like Monterey Park have generated a significant amount of interest from Asian investors. But now, at least according to some real estate experts and trend watchers, its now taken a back seat to Irvine. KPCC’s Josie Huang has the story. Plus we'll have a review of all the latest music apps in our weekly segment, App Chat and taste a new low calorie low fat french fry.