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Jason Lytle: Dept. of Disappearance

Jason Lytle's new album, 'Dept. of Disappearance' comes out today.
Jason Lytle's new album, 'Dept. of Disappearance' comes out today.

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In the early 90s, Jason Lytle made a name for himself in the indie music scene as the front man for a Central Valley band called Grandaddy. They enjoyed a fair amount of critical success - David Bowie was a big fan and one of their songs was picked up for use in a Honda commercial.

But in 2006, Lytle decided he was done with the band, and done with California, so he moved to Bozeman, Montana.

That's where he produced the new solo album Dept. of Disappearance, which comes out today.

Alex Cohen recently spoke with Jason about how living in Bozeman has impacted his personal life and the sound on his new album.

And if you'd like to see Jason in concert, he'll be performing in Los Angeles at Bootleg Bar and Largo, next week.

Web-only audio: Jason talks about how his strange jobs he held growing up impacted his music making.