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Fanpire: Why some women can't get enough of 'Twilight'

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
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The fifth installment of the "Twilight" film franchise, "Breaking Dawn: Part 2," comes out later this month. 

The previous "Twilight" film made more than $300 million, a testament to the legion of incredibly loyal fans of the franchise around the world.

Skeptics say these stories about a broody vampire, an often shirtless werewolf and the constantly sullen waif caught between them are little more than pointless fluff, but writer Tanya Erzen believes the Twilight phenomenon reveals fascinating insights about our beliefs about modern life and love.

The Bella Cullen Project is a band made up of fans. This is one of their songs, Safety First 

Erzen joins the show to talk about her new book, "Fanpire: The Twilight Saga and the Women Who Love it."

Excerpt from Fanpire: The Twilight Saga and the Women Who Love It