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Why people hate the UC logo and brand changes in general

Image via University of California

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For more than a century, the main University of California system logo was represented by a circle containing a picture of a book with the phrase"Let There Be Light."

Yesterday, the system unveiled a new logo, showing the letter "U" painted blue with a swirling yellow "C" at the bottom. The goal of the redesign was to project a "forward-looking spirit," but reaction so far has been less-than positive; One person described it as a "bright-yellow worm drowning in a swimming pool.

The original seal logo will remain on official UC documents like diplomas, university correspondance and elsewhere, but the new, simpler version will be adhered to marketing materials, on the web and on official merchandise. 

To help us understand what can make or break a redesign is brand developer Cindy Gallop, former chairman of the ad agency BBH.