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Journalist Celia Walden's new book chronicles her stint 'Babysitting George' Best

Cover for Celia Walden's book
Cover for Celia Walden's book "Babysitting George."
Babysitting George
Cover for Celia Walden's book
Ex-football player George Best signs copies of his book:'Scoring At Half Time' at Books Etc Canary Wharf on August 27, 2003 in London.
Steve Finn/Getty Images

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In 2003 Celia Walden was a 25-year-old journalist in England and given one of her first assignments: To make sure one of her paper's star columnists didn't talk to any rival newspapers.

But this wasn't just your average columnist. This columnist was George Best, an alcoholic writer who also happened to be one of the greatest soccer players ever.

In her new book, Walden "Babysitting George".

Babysitting George by Celia Walden