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Can MySpace rise from the ashes with new ownership and huge redesign?

A screenshot of the new MySpace.
A screenshot of the new MySpace.

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Believe it or not, MySpace is gearing up for its third relaunch since its beginning in 2003. Before the days of Facebook, MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the world and throughout that time grew a significant popularity among musicians and bands looking to get noticed.

As we all know MySpace has seen better days now that Facebook is on top, but under new ownership and with the street cred of pop star Justin Timberlake, the site has a whole new look and hopes to position itself to compete with not only Facebook, but also music sharing and discovering sites like Pandora and Spotify. 

So will third time be a charm for MySpace? Gizmodo writer Sam Biddle got to take the new site out for a test drive. He joins the show to tell us what's good, what's bad, and whether he thinks this new MySpace will catch on.