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Where you can find Santa Claus in LA

"A young lady came in, wishing that we would have world peace…she must have been about 10 years old…So I said, 'It'll happen."
Ashley Alvarado/KPCC
"Once year a small child came to me and all she asked for Christmas that year was for her mother to be happy. I asked her if she wanted anything for herself and she said no all I want is for my mom to be happy."
Knott's Berry Farm
"Once in a wealthy neighborhood, many children were asking for electronics and other toys—one child asked [me] to bring his present to his friend William’s house because his home had recently burned down."
Some years back, a child with Down syndrome asked me if her Christmas presents were at her house. She and her parents were just returning from her grandparents' home. It was Christmas Day, and I was in suit awaiting my own wife's flight at Lindburgh Field. With 80-plus children dragging their folks over to hug or greet Santa, I still remember this child, my seeing her father shaking his head affirmatively, and my saying 'Yes, sweetheart. They are there. You see, I always will know where you are.'"
"A young boy who asked Santa to bring his dad home from war." —Universal CityWalk's Rockin' Santa
"It's most memorable when you have a child ask me to heal or make brother or sister well. Or, 'Can you bring Daddy back from oversees?'"
"A 9-year-old girl asked me if I could bring books to her school as her school did not have the money for books for its library." Santa at The Grove.
"I asked a young boy of about six what he wanted for Christmas, and his dad goes, 'Wait till you hear about this.' And he looks at me, and he says, 'A leaf blower.' He loves his dad's leaf blower, so I got a kick out of that…I asked a young girl of about five what she wanted for Christmas, and she was pretty comfortable sitting on my lap. She looked up at me, and she said, 'I want you.' So I thought that was the best one I've ever received." —Santa at Disneyland
Ashley Alvarado/KPCC

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Santas in Los Angeles aren't all rosy-cheeked. L.A. actually offers a number of ethnic Santas for people of color.

KPCC's Ashley Alvarado has been travelling throughout the L.A. area, mapping out where to find your nearest mall, theme park, or pet-friendly Santa. But despite a concerted effort, she just could not find an Asian Santa.