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New Music Tuesday: Ozomatli and Take Two's new theme song

The LA-based band Ozomatli pose for a promotional photo.
The LA-based band Ozomatli pose for a promotional photo.
Christian Lantry

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It's Tuesday, the day of the week we like to talk about new music. 

Today, we're very excited to talk about a track you won't find on iTunes or Amoeba Records. It's an extra-special project from the L.A. based group, Ozomatli. 

Asdru Sierra, who plays trumpets, sings and writes music for Ozomatli did us the honor of composing the new theme song for Take Two.

"I wanted to make sure that all the grounds were covered, so I turned in four different choices. Something that sounded like Ozomatli, the brand, a couple of things in between," said Sierra. "I listen to this station, I wanted to turn in something that would fit more with your voices and your vibe. I was actually surprised you chose this one…But I was happy you did."

Sierra titled this track "Vatos with Sandals," imagining someone listening to KPCC at a local coffee shop. Listen below:

But composing a theme song for a radio news show wasn't easy. Sierra had to make sure the tune would fit the show no matter what was in the news. 

"Every time I would play it over each track I would be like, 'Today, five children were hit by a spaceship,' said Sierra. "I played a really crappy newscaster. I think this was the one that resonated with that task more than anything. It was fun."