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Your Best Exes: Listeners' tales of lost love

This Valentine's Day, people across the country will spend $1.6 billion on candy.
This Valentine's Day, people across the country will spend $1.6 billion on candy.
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Despite it being Valentine's Day — a time to cherish the ones you love — we thought it would be a great idea to hear from you about the loves you lost.

We asked you to tell us about your best exes. Maybe you wanted to lose them, but sometimes you still love them but know you're better off broken up. 

We heard from people like Kate Anthony here in LA:

Yet, she says they managed to stay close out of love for their son. In fact, during their divorce proceedings, their lawyers got confused, because they were getting along so well:  

There's also the ex who can still be a reliable shoulder to lean on. Nicole Caffey up in San Francisco thought she would never speak to her former fiancé again, but then that changed with one sad event:

Those are both heartwarming stories of people staying friends with their exes. But that's not that case for Jose Vargas in La Habra. He and his ex grew up together in high school, but after he left to go to college and she stayed home, he realized they were just on different paths. 

So he doesn't really stay in touch with her, but he says she was his best ex because they were an important part of each other's lives growing up.

Let's finish out with the story of Lori Van Cleese from Monrovia. She stayed friends with her best ex after they broke up, but when he passed away, that's when something special happened:

Tell us your own story of your best ex.