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Librarian Mara Alpert on the best bedtime books for kids

Image from the book
Image from the book "I'm Not Sleepy!" by Jane Chapman.

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Daylight Saving Time begins this week. But those with young kids know, time changes can wreak havoc with a toddler's bedtime routine.

It's best to come armed with plenty of great bedtime stories to help lull the little ones to dreamland. To help us navigate to the best of the best bedtime books, we've called in our resident children's book expert, Mara Alpert, a librarian with the LA Public Library.

The Best Bedtime Stories: Spring 2013

I’m Not Sleepy! by  Jane Chapman
PreK – Grade 1.  Mo the Owlet isn’t sleepy, so Grandma suggests that he help put her to bed.  It isn’t as easy as it looks.

Benny and Penny in Lights Out! A Toon Book by Geoffrey Hayes
K – Grade 3.  Brother and sister mice get ready for bed… as slowly as possible, with side trips to bedtime snacks, scary stories about the Boogey Mouse, and a brief outdoor adventure.

Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue,  Illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski 
PreK - Grade 1.  A little girl wearing a crown (a nod to Mr. Sendak, perhaps?) just isn't ready to go to bed.  Her clever and patient parents have the perfect solution for that.  A 2013 Caldecott Honor recipient.

Max & Milo Go To Sleep! By Heather Long, Illustrated by Ethan Long 
K - Grade 3.  The classic "Odd Couple" scenario:  two brothers share a bedroom; Milo (wild and messy) can't sleep; Max (neat and exhausted) suggests various remedies, which are accomplished in the loudest, most annoying way possible.  Who do you think is still awake at the end?  

Bedtime is Canceled by Cece Meng, Illustrated by Aurélie Neyret.  
K – Grade 3.  Everyone believes it when a story about the cancellation of bedtime is published in the newspaper.  Word quickly spreads, and no one goes to bed.  Will Maggie and her brother figure out a way to fix what they started?

With (dis)honorable mention going to: 

Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, Illustrated by Ricardo Cortés
Grownups. The truth about what it really sounds like in most households with young, wide-awake children and tired, cranky parents.

Seriously, Just Go to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, Illustrated by Ricardo Cortés 
PreK – Grade 1.  The child-friendly version of last year’s subversive grownup hit.