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Touch-screen toddlers: the concerns of technology on children's development

Two children focused on an iPad
Two children focused on an iPad
dickdotcom/Flickr/Creative Commons

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For years, parents have heard the warnings to not let their children zone out in front of the TV for too long; the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against any TV time for children under 2.

But what about iPads and educational mobile apps? It's a question that puzzled journalist Hanna Rosin. 

In her cover story, "The Touch Screen Generation," for this month's Atlantic magazine, Rosin writes,

"On the one hand, parents want their children to swim expertly in the digital stream that they will have to navigate all their lives; on the other hand, they fear that too much digital media, too early, will sink them."

How much do you let your child use electronics, and for what purpose?