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California lawmakers introduce bill to combat 911 'swatting' pranks

Photo by MrPhilDog / Phil Thomas via Flickr Creative Commons

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Lawmakers in California have introduced a bill hoping to crack down on a string of pranks called "swatting." The way "swatting" works is someone contacts 911 to report a serious crime or threat at someone else's house, but it turns out to be fake. The prank shows no signs of slowing down. 

Last Friday, officers went to Justin Timberlake's Hollywood Hills home after someone reported shots were fired. Police also rushed to Selena Gomez's home in Tarzana after a 911 caller said someone had been killed. Both calls were a hoax. 

Not only is "swatting" a problem to celebrities, it's a drain on resources. State Sen. Ted Lieu said just one "swatting" incident costs around ten thousand dollars to deal with.

Commander Andy Smith from the LAPD is here to talk about how authorities deals with "swatting."