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Hollywood Monday: 'Oblivion' obliterates international box offices

Tom Cruise stars in the Universal Pictures film
Tom Cruise stars in the Universal Pictures film "Oblivion."
Universal Pictures

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L.A. Times entertainment reporter Rebecca Keegan joins us for her regular Monday update of the latest from Hollywood.

The film about Jackie Robinson, 42, was the highest grossing film this weekend in the United States. But the real box office winner is a film that hasn't opened here yet, it's a big budget, post-apocalyptic thriller starring Tom Cruise. It's called Oblivion, and it opened in international theaters this weekend, pulling in more than $60 million. 

There are big expectations for Oblivion when it opens here next weekend and the film could mark a bit of a comeback for its star, Tom Cruise.

Our regular Monday guest, Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times, is in New York today, where she will be moderating a Q & A session on Oblivion.