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Isabel Allende tells a tale of grief, drugs and homelessness in 'Maya's Notebook'

Author Isabel Allende and the cover of her novel
Author Isabel Allende and the cover of her novel "Maya's Notebook."
Lori Barra

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We've all seen them — teenagers out on the street, begging for change — and wondered how their lives got to this place. Author Isabel Allende explores this in her new novel, "Maya's Notebook." 

It's a coming of age story about Maya Vidal, a young girl who loses herself in grief and drugs after her grandfather dies. She ends up a petty criminal, strung out on the streets and on the run from both criminals and the police. Allende joins the show to talk about her latest work. 

See Allende in conversation with KPCC's Patt Morrison at a Live Talks LA event in Beverly Hills on May 16. Click here for more information.


Excerpt from MAYA'S NOTEBOOK by Isabel Allende