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Dinner Party Download: Spray-on clothing, first speeding ticket and more

Manel Torres demonstrates his Fabrican spray-on fabric invention.
Manel Torres demonstrates his Fabrican spray-on fabric invention.

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Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party Download podcast and radio show.

Fabri-Can: Spray-On Clothing
It's a spray made of very short fibers mixed with solvent and polymers which bind the material together, and it really works! Manel Torres is the Spanish fashion designer who created this, and he addresses that this does not tear off on your chest. You hear this story and you're like, "Obviously, I want to make a silly-string bikini joke, right?" But it's not a joke, that's where he got the idea. He was at a friend's wedding and saw everyone shooting each other with silly string, and he was studying fashion, and he was like "why can't there be clothes?"

The First Speeding Ticket
This week back in 1899, the first speeding citation was given out. Here's what happened: This is New York, so the first person to get a speeding citation... a 'cabbie'. He was driving around town, blowing by mostly horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians, and zooms past a bike cop and gets pulled over. Well, he was pulled over by a bike cop, so it wasn't too fast. He was going a whopping 12 miles an hour. 

A Free Lighthouse in Lake Superior...With a Few Caveats
They (the Coast Guard) don't need lighthouses and they want to find them good homes. But, there are a couple of things. If you do live there or you do something with it, like turn it into a museum, you have to maintain the structure as it is because it's on the National Register of Historical Places. In addition, the Coast Guard reserves an unrestricted right to enter the structure, and that's where it gets dangerous.