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On the Lot: Blue Jasmine, Star Wars and more

Blue Jasmine, written and directed by Woody Allen
Blue Jasmine, written and directed by Woody Allen

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Time for On the Lot, our weekly summary of news from the movie business with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan. 

The iconic X-Men character Wolverine won the box office sweepstakes this weekend, but the film everyone is talking about is Woody Allen's latest feature, "Blue Jasmine."

Some people are already saying Cate Blanchett is sure to be on the list of best actresses at next years Oscars. In Woody Allen's new film she plays a once-wealthy woman who's now down on her luck. Besides Blanchett, there's a pretty interesting supporting cast, some stars familiar to HBO viewers, and...Andrew Dice Clay?

Woody Allen has made something like 50 films. Why do his films get this kind of limited release? "Blue Jasmine" will only be in about 60 theaters next weekend. 

News about another Hollywood veteran: Roman Polanski. He was convicted of having sex with an underage girl back in 1978, and fled to Europe where he's been ever since. Now the victim is planning to publish a book with a pretty startling cover photo.

Samantha Geimer has said on a number of occasions that Polanski has already paid the price for his actions, and at times she's said she just wants to put all this behind her. So, it begs the question: why write a book about this, and why now?

The composer who wrote the Imperial March, or Darth Vader's theme, from "Star Wars," has signed up for the new Star Wars film, "Episode Seven." This Star Wars will be directed by J J Abrams, the man behind the TV series "Lost." He's directed two "Star Trek" films, so how does that sit with the dogmatic Star Wars fans?

"Sharknado," the schlock TV movie that became a social media phenom a few weeks ago is headed to movie theaters?