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Atavist Anecdote: Sante Fe Fuego baseball team and 'The Legends of Last Place'

Logo for the Santa Fe Fuego baseball team.
Logo for the Santa Fe Fuego baseball team.
Santa Fe Fuego

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Abe Streep has been a lifelong baseball fan, but he grew disillusioned with the corporate spectacle of modern major league baseball. Instead, he started watching the Santa Fe Fuego.

The Fuego are part of the Pecos League, an independent, professional baseball league that's also the lowest rung of professional baseball in the country. In other words, the minor-minor leagues.

Last year, the team was the worst in the league, but they played for a shot, however remote, at the big time. In the Fuego, Abe found what had long gone missing for him in big league baseball: heart.

He spent a season with the team at their Fort Marcy ballpark and he joins Take Two to tell us their story.