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App Chat: Tools to make mundane tasks more tolerable

Screenshot of PeaPod grocery app.
Screenshot of PeaPod grocery app.

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Technology. It can save lives, it can entertain us, and, sometimes, inform us. It can also help us lounge on the couch a little longer while people take care of our mundane daily tasks. 

Jacqui Cheng, App Chat regular and editor at large for Ars Technica, tells us about a few new apps that are all about making your life more convenient. 

For Groceries:

Peapod and FreshDirect

These two apps go with the two main grocery delivery services here in the US (Peapod is bigger than FreshDirect, but FreshDirect serves NYC, which is obviously a huge market). I use the Peapod app every week, so I'm really familiar with it. It's the awesomest way to grocery shop.

For General Tasks:


TaskRabbit in general is a really useful service if you need a little help here or there. It's good for moving furniture, having people deliver stuff from one location to another, do your gardening for you...Whatever you want, really. The app lets you post new tasks and check on what's around you.

For House Cleaning/Chores:

You Rule Chores

There are a bunch of chore apps out there, but this one seems to be a favorite among people who have kids. It basically adds a gamification layer to getting your chores done at home, and you can set rewards for getting enough chores done and marking them off within the app. Super useful if you have multiple kids doing different stuff, and maybe even if you're just trying to split up chores between roommates.