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App Chat: Apps that can predict your future...kind of

Tempo is a smart calendar that helps organize your day
Tempo is a smart calendar that helps organize your day

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Now it's time for App Chat, a new segment where regular contributors come on to give you their app recommendations.

Today we're talking about apps that know what you're going to do before you actually do it. These apps are designed to help make your life easier by organizing and managing your data in a helpful way. Devindra Hardawar, national editor for Venture Beat, joins the show with his list of apps that can predict your a way. 


Tempo is an example of an app that's trying to make your calendar smarter. With typical calendar apps, you can open them up on your phone and glance at them and you'll have a sense of your schedule. Tempo actually finds information that you need. If it's a conference call that you have, Tempo can dial the number for you and type in PINs and passwords. If it's a meeting somewhere far-off, it can find you directions automatically and find parking for you as well. It can even look at relevant documents so you can get yourself prepared without fishing through your email or files.

Foursquare (seriously)

A couple of years ago, Foursquare started out as an app that let you check into places. You could earn fun badges and stuff. It was nice for a while, but that buzz has died down. Most recently, though, they've updated their apps on iPhone, Android and a couple other platforms to focus more on location discovery.

Now, with Foursquare, it uses that data it knows about you, where you've checked in before, to find places you'd like automatically. This is one of those things that will get smarter the more you use it. I found it to be really useful. The first time I opened it up after it was updated, I was able to find new restaurants in my neighborhood that I didn't even know about. That's something Yelp and other services didn't do for me.

Google Now

Google Now is, at this point, pretty much a core feature of the Android operating system, but Google just released a new version of its iPhone and iPad search apps that brings it to those platforms as well. It's basically a very smart virtual personal assistant. A lot of random information that you're normally dealing with, your stocks, local weather, how long is it going to take to get to work, even how long it will take to get to your next meeting, Google Now finds this information for you and lets you access it easily. You don't have to do anything, and that's what I really like about it.